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USCSDA Hall Of Fame Guidelines-draft for discussion at annual meeting


The USCSDA is in the process of establishing a Hall Of Fame to recognize those dogs and people that have made a significant contribution to the USCSDA.

At last year’s annual meeting, USCSDA President Ashby Morgan appointed a committee to develop a draft guidelines for the USCSDA Hall Of Fame.

The committees attached draft will be an agenda item for discussion and consideration.

Kindly review the draft and come to the annual meeting to express your thoughts.

(Draft) United States Complete Shooting Dog Association Hall Of Fame Guidelines

These Guidelines provide a structure as the USCSDA pays tribute to some of the great dogs and handlers that came before us. These inductees of the USCSDA Hall of Fame helped make our sport what it is today.

The USCSDA Hall of Fame is designed to recognize outstanding individuals and animals that have made a major contribution to the USCSDA.

Summarized Qualifications:


The person can be living and have reached 65 years old or if deceased have a date of birth at least 65 years old prior to being elected to the Hall of Fame. The listing of qualifications is in order of importance and a candidate should meet at least three of the following criteria.

1 Trainer of own dogs
2. Handler of own dogs to important USCSDA wins
3. Sportsmanship and Integrity
4. Longevity in USCSDA trialing
5. A mentor to new USCSDA trailers and clubs.
6. Breeder of champions and important winners.
7. USCSDA National, State, and/or Club officer.
8. Judging in a significant number of local trials or in Futurities, Classic’s or Championship’s.


All dogs nominated must be deceased. Eligible dogs should have been trialed extensively in major USCSDA events. Significant USCSDA winners who also won other important stakes outside of USCSDA may have their overall record considered. Dogs that have sired or whelped multiple significant USCSDA winners may be considered for HOF induction despite an otherwise limited trial record in USCSDA events. All qualifications for dogs below should be given substantially equal weight.

1. Performance / wins in USCSDA competition.
2. Importance of wins, e.g. Regional and National Championship placements.
3. Longevity at a high performance level.
4. Male and female breeding records need to indicate a strong contribution on USCSDA trailing at either the local level, regional, national, or the USCSDA Futurity. Contributions of the offspring at a combination of these levels is very desirable.
5. Dogs that only occasionally competed in USCSDA stakes must have an otherwise exceptional record along with a significant placement in an USCSDA event to be considered. This dog may be better nominated to the National Field Trial Hall of Fame rather than the USCSDA.

Nominations must include documentation on the nominees qualifications. This documentation should be submitted, via email, to the USCSDA National President with a copy to the USCSDA National Secretary two (2) weeks prior to the Annual Summer meeting. The National Secretary is responsible for forwarding a copy of each nomination to the respective voting members.

Additional nominations, with appropriate documentation, may be accepted from the floor at the discretion of the USCSDA President, or other officer conducting the meeting. Nominations from the floor and those nominations that did not meet the required two (2) week time period will be held over for next year’s meeting.

The USCSDA officers, Regional Directors and those qualified (per the by-laws) club presidents having a right to vote at the annual meeting. Each voting member needs to be familiar with the qualifications of each category. Furnishing a current email address to the secretary is the responsibility of each club president.

A voting member can vote either Yes, No or Abstain on each candidate. Each voting member will send the ballot, via email, to the secretary for counting. A majority vote is required for election to the USCSDA Hall of Fame. The election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

The first year of the Hall Of Fame only 2 individuals and 2 dogs will be elected to the Hall of Fame. After this initial induction, a maximum of 1 person and 1 dog per year are eligible for induction. However, it is not necessary to have an inductee every year.

Electees to the Hall of Fame will be honored at the next USCSDA National Championship- Amateur/ Open. Appropriate pictures and plague of each Hall of Fame honoree will be placed at the National Bird Dog Museum at Grand Junction, TN.