Welcome to the U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association

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Ashby Morgan elected President of the U.S. Complete!





Meet the President! A brief introduction:

Ashby Morgan entered his first field trial when he was 14 years old in a youth stake with one of his brothers dogs, and immediately found his passion. He started winning competitions in the early 80’s, including Dog of the Year with “Morgan’s Country Sis”. After seeing his natural abilities for field training, Robert Lee, the founder of Pinekone Kennels, recruited Ashby to assist him is growing the U.S. Complete Shooting Dog Association. He won his first championship in 1996 with Pinekone Mickey. In 2001 Lee passed the Pinekone legacy on and put the title in Ashby’s name. Since then he was won a number of championships under the Pinekone banner. Ashby resides in Hudgins, Va.

A word from the President:

These are exciting times at the US Complete Shooting Dog Association. Mike Spotts is going to be our new secretary. He is working on a new website that will be more user friendly, organizing the clubs, and doing all that goes along with his new job.

Meredith Jones will be the new treasurer. He is working tirelessly on opening a new checking account, plus he will be handling the Purina coupons. Contact him before your trial so he can get those coupons out to you.

I will be waiving the dog tax for all new clubs for this upcoming year. We will do this in hopes that new clubs can be formed with one less expense.

I want to thank Purina for their sponsorship again this year. Without Purina, the US Complete would be in dire straits.

We will have back-to-back National Championships starting January 27, 2017 at the Cutter Whiskey grounds in Ahoskie, North Carolina. The Amateur National Championship will start first, followed by the Open National Championship. We are hoping to give oil paintings for each of the new National Champions and present it at our summer meeting.

Everything we do this year should be for the betterment of our organization and for the betterment of our dogs. I am looking forward to having a fun and great year at the US Complete. See you on the line! Ashby

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